Tinder and LGBTQ people

Tinder rolled out options for those who don’t identify as men or women to choose from a range of trans and non-gender conforming options in 2016. This came after a spate of harassment, as well as controversy as Tinder banned trans people for how they had chosen to identify on the platform after other users […]

Tinder interests

Perhaps the most notable finding from an analysis of the most commonly used body words (presumably mostly used to describe the user’s own body, though perhaps also including what interests them in terms of prospective partner’s body), is that women tend to describe themselves far more than men. Indeed, the only term that is used […]

Tinder message length: male vs female users

Tinder message length: male vs female users A small anecdotal study carried out ‘Worst-Online-Dater’ and published on Medium found another way in which an imbalance exists between men and women on Tinder. If you use physical attractiveness as your yardstick (let’s face it, this is what Tinder is designed to do), then the ‘bottom’ 80% […]